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Dr. Amanda Falcone

Education: Ross University and Purdue University

Hometown: Lafayette, IN

Pets: Edde, Marvel, Lucy (Bernese Mountaing Dogs), Holly (horse), Effie D. Squirrel (can you guess what Effie is?) and 2 fish, Bob & Marley

Amanda became part of the Wildcat family when she began volunteering for us in 2007. Dr. Amanda Falcone received her Bachelor’s of Science degree from Purdue University in 2008. She graduated from Ross University in 2015. She studied at Purdue’s College of Veterinary Medicine during her final clinical year of veterinary school. Dr. Amanda has become experienced in high volume spay-neuter surgery. Along with general internal medicine, Dr. Amanda has special interests in animal behavior and oncology.  She is passionate about providing medical services for shelter, rescue and abused animals.

One of her greatest achievement in animal rescue was in December 2016. Dr. Amanda took on a seriously abused and malnourished horse (which she has since adopted and named “Holly”) which has made a miraculous recovery thanks to her hard work.  She also took on a baby squirrel (end of 2017) right after its birth and it has since grown and flourished and has now been reintroduced to the wild.

Dr. Amanda enjoys trail riding, scuba diving, camping and traveling.  She is also interested in clicker training.  Her favorite dog breed in the Bernese Mountain Dog.