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Wellness Clinics

Our walk-in wellness center is held in the Eastway Plaza Shopping center at the corner of Greenbush and 52 at 1241 Sagamore Parkway North, Lafayette.  We provide this service in order to help give basic medical services to pet populations in underserved areas in our community.  We believe by providing care for all pets, we will cut down on the disease outbreaks that are often seen in these areas.  The walk in clinics are on a first come, first served basis.

Our secondary location is open on Wednesday 1-6, Thursday 1-5 (no doctor), and Friday  1-6 and Saturday from 10-2.


**If your pet is anxious around other animals or happens to be unruly, it is best to schedule an appointment at our office.  Call 765-589-7297  or request an appointment.